The Goethe-Institute in Germany will host the International Coproduction Fund in 2021

In 2020, Germany’s Goethe-Institute accepted an application for the International Composition Fund. As it turned out, it created new working methods and structures in the international environment. It is even thought that this would encourage the search for new ways of intercultural cooperation.

The fund is for co-production among performers across the fields of stage, music, dance, and performance art. The interstate is a critical component, including the use of digital media and hybrid formats. So skilled artists and groups from abroad and in Germany can form a target community if anyone wants. Moreover, there is an apparent lack of ways to carry out their joint venture projects independently.

The Goethe-Institut hopes to promote intercultural and unregulated global sharing of artists’ ideas through the International Composition Fund. So it is just as essential to facilitate such connections and interactions between different players as the project results.

The project collaborators have been successful, with the support of the Goethe-Institut’s International Composition Fund. And if responsible for the work of this broad-based strategic communication. However, to visualize the initiative on the website of the International Composition Fund, both partners must pay attention to the work performance with press releases, videos and pictures, and other types of shows.

Goethe-Institute Prices International Coproduction Fund:

The International Cooperation Fund gives only those people who are highly innovative and have significant public influence priority. Moreover, they discuss the results of cooperation activities in a formal environment outside Germany if necessary. The application you must make must provide an appropriate investment plan in an application. Because it can show any and significant contribution of project participants in addition to third-party support. The total amount of funds requested does not exceed € 25k.

Eligibility for Goethe-International Institute’s Coproduction Fund:


Only performing arts can submit offers because there is no live movie or exhibition project that allows them to do this. So now, you may have to get the project to the required artistic standards later. So give importance to the actors involved in their particular scene. And include a secure economic approach to the plan, in addition to the project members’ own contributions as well as third-party funding.

A balanced project collaboration focuses on creative collaboration, and they don’t when partners see the impact. However, there is at least one success outside of Germany and another in Germany if necessary. However, these give priority to projects of non-European and German partners, especially transition countries. And deposits from Switzerland or Austria are not considered.

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How and when to register for the Goethe-International Institute’s Composition Fund:

Who lives and works outside the United States but later worked as a collaborator. And which must be transmitted by an international partner. It must prove that the partners have established a positive interpersonal relationship. However, and both partners may be comfortable producing any kind of commentary together. Even the funny thing is that when it comes to manufacturing concerns. The Goethe-Head Institute office will then strongly recommend contacting the regional Goethe Institute.

In mid-February *, the online registration form will be available again.

The International Cooperation Fund currently operates a unit at the Goethe-Culture Institute. Staff members of the Theater / Dance and Music Unit thoroughly review all applications received. And they do so not only based on their formal requirements but also based on the purpose of the International Competition Fund. Even applications that have been accepted are submitted to an independent technical committee as soon as the evaluation process is completed. And so, a five-member jury is made up of the Goethe-Advisory Institute’s committee, which consists of a rotating delegation of Goethe-Institute representatives from abroad or international experts.

Last day to apply: Goethe-Institute

Transferred to 2021: 10/15/20, 04/15/21.
2022: 04/15/21, and 04/15/22.

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