11 Best Jobs in Canada for Students

11 Best Jobs in Canada for Students

11 Best Jobs in Canada for Students – For the international students the most exciting thing in canada is they can get part-time job easily to manage their cost of living in canada. 

This article is for those people who is a student in canada and want to get a part time job in canada to earn some extra bucks. In this article we are giving you the list of the best paying part time job in canada. You will also get to know the benefits of the jobs.

First of all, is it legal to get a job as an International Student in Canada? It is possible to work both on and off campus. There are some things to be aware of before you begin.

You will first need to be an international student full-time. This means you will need a valid study permit. Second, you cannot start work until you begin your study. Once you are done with your studies, you will need to apply for a work permit in order to continue.

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International students can only work 20 hours per week during the academic term, but they are allowed to work longer hours (up to full-time) during holidays.

You shouldn’t worry about this though as you will likely be attending class for between 15 and 20 hours per week. There’s plenty of study time outside of class. It would be great to have some downtime to relax, socialize and enjoy your life!

We’re now ready to move onto the list of the highest-paying jobs.

Best Jobs in Canada for Students: How To Find The Best Ones And Make Money

For international students, it is crucial to have a part-time job and earn a salary. Below are the top 10 jobs highest-paying jobs, as well as their salaries.


Job Position Average Salary (CAD/Hour)
Bookkeeper $23-25
Nanny $14
Sales Assistant $12
Office Assistant $17-19
Programme Facilitator $23
Cook $15
Uber Driver $15-20
Dog Walker $19
Customer Service Assistant $21
Bartender $12-25
Tutor $16



Bookkeepers are responsible for managing daily banking activities. They record transactions like purchases, sales revenue, and invoices. A bookkeeper is a great part-time job in Canada. Students should be able to manage their time well, have good organizational skills, and have mathematical knowledge. This is one of the Best Jobs in Canada for Students


A nanny is one of the most common jobs you can find as an international student. This job is for you if you love children. Nanny’s responsibilities include caring for the children, organizing their day, taking them to school, and doing laundry.

Sales Assistant

It’s a great job to do on weekends when the streets and cities are crowded with shoppers. It is possible to work anywhere you like, including a corner shop, clothing boutique, or supermarket.

The pay is good, but sales assistants can earn small commissions for each sale they make.

Office Assistant

Office assistants are responsible for overseeing office tasks, maintaining files, welcoming visitors, taking and delivering messages, keeping an inventory of office supplies, answering phones, scheduling meetings, and other duties.

Programme Facilitator

A programme facilitator reports directly to the programme director, or programme manager, and is responsible for executing programme initiatives, projects, curricula, and other related tasks. A programme could include workshops, training, community service endeavors, outings/field trip exposures/ tours and other activities. You can also earn a decent part-time salary in Canada.


A cook is a popular part-time job for Indian students in Canada. Cooking includes following all food safety and hygiene protocols, as well as following the instructions. If you believe you have the ability to cook, you might be able to work as a chef in a foreign country.

Ride Sharing

Uber and Lyft have become very popular part-time jobs. The pay is excellent and you can work when you want.

The most important issue (apart from potentially rude customers) is that you need to have a car. So, you might consider becoming a bicycle courier instead. UberEATs is a popular service that delivers bicycle food to major cities. Although the hourly rate is slightly higher than driving a car at $17, it is still a very affordable option.

Dog Walker

It is my dream job. People are so busy these days that they will pay someone to walk their dog. Crazy, but crazy good. You have the option to work for yourself or apply to many dog walking companies.

You might need to apply for a municipal license if you are in a large city. It’s easy to arrange this on Google. Then it’s a matter of finding customers and gathering your dogs before hitting the streets.

Customer Service Assistant

Customer service assistants are responsible for answering customer queries, providing information, solving customer problems, selling products, taking orders, organizing services, and processing complaints. You can apply for this job, but you must have excellent communication skills.


This is not the highest-paid hourly job in Canada but it can be very rewarding. In Canada you can get 17% to 20% tip for this job. So if you’re looking for a job that can make you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars per workweek, it’s worth working in a bar or waiting at tables.

I can tell you that it is tiring but a great job!


You’re great at whatever! Maybe Math was something you were proficient in, Science, or any other subject. In your spare time, you can use those skills by volunteering with elementary and high school children.

The average tutor in Canada is paid $16 per hour. You can charge what you like (more or lesser). Although you will have to be creative about finding students, social media has made it easier for you to do so.



So these are some of the jobs you can do for part time while you are studying in Canada. Hope this list will help you to find your desire job and you can manage your leaving expenses from here. 


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