Armidale Accommodation Scholarships

 Armidale Accommodation Scholarships in Australia by UNE 2021

We are warmly accepting applications for the scholarships of UNE Armidale Accommodation to students from outside of Australia. This program is going to start for the 2021/2022 session.

New England University, as a tradition of over sixty years,  has become a pioneer institution to present an opportunity for distance learnings not only to the scholars of Australia but to all over the world. once it became absolutely a sovereign university, it started teaching foreign students by the distant communication system. In this way, UNE has been the prime university to present virtual and distance education facilities.

However, the UNE Armidale Accommodation Scholarship is mainly a full-time scholarship. It is given to

foreign students to study physically on campus. It’s aiming to begin in 2021.

Why Armidale Accommodation Scholarships by UNE is important

This scholarship program provides  some opportunities like:

  • A student needs to pay only $11,000 for 2 (2) tutorial trimesters. (Remember that the cost is depending according to different institutions and the value of the scholarship program given to every student only). Besides, note that couples or students with families are not worthy of enrolling on the form of the scholarship.
  • Well furnished dormitory room having one desk, wardrobe and bed. Decorated according to the residential student dormitory-style.
  • Utility fees ( water, electricity and gas)

It additionally provides

  • Free Wi-Fi and internet service.
  • Twenty four hours and per week seven days of security on campus.
  • helping the residential students including training and educational help.
  • Free transport service to go to the airport or train station in Armidale.
  • Social festivals, residential adaptation and pacts.

Qualifications for UNE Armidale Accommodation Scholarships


To be selected for the UNE Armidale Accommodation Scholarship you need to be


  1. a new potential  foreign student coming to UNE
  2. Selected to school in Australia over any student visa
  3.  eighteen years old before the beginning programme  at UNE
  4.  Engaging in a CRICOS accredited at UNE’s Armidale Campus in 2021, complete degree of study. Or, having English skills for academic purposes and a full degree program.
  5.  in a process of valid Confirmation of Enrolment which is known as COE

The time scale of Scholarship

Complete two UNE academic trimesters will be applicable for the UNE Armidale Accommodation Scholarship.

For example:

  • If you start your study in the 1st Trimester in 2021 then your accommodation scholarship program will be given to you until 16 October 2021;
  • Suppose start your study in the 2nd Trimester in 2021 then a scholarship program will be provided to you till 11 February 2022;
  • If you start the program in the 3rd Trimester in 2021, this scholarship will cover your study till 18 June 2022.
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How will you apply for the Armidale scholarship by UNE

 Armidale Accommodation Scholarships

Some steps you need to follow during the Application procedure:

  1. Apply for the scholarship program through the online application portal
  2. Have an Admission opportunity to UNE (the Scholarship program is only applicably for the Armidale campus).
  3. Fill in the UNE International Student Accommodation Scholarship program’s application form online. Get your  Admission chance and end-all admission method  (EAP and degree packages are accessed to)
  4. Get your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and take your admission supply.
  5. you will be given notification of your result of the Accommodation Scholarship Application by the UNE authority.
  6. Make an enrolment in the portal of UNE’s website.

the UNE Armidale Accommodation Scholarships are mainly full-time scholarship for foreign students to participate physically on campus. It is going to start at the University of New England Armidale campus in 2021. Couples or students executed by their families are not applicable for getting this scholarship.

Preconditions : Armidale Accommodation Scholarships 

You have to undergo some preconditions of the UNE Armidale Accommodation Scholarships. Such as:

  1. As a regular foreign student, you must be engaged at UNE’s Armidale campus in the on-campus mode of study with a CRICOS-accredited full degree program. Otherwise,  you must have a UNE English for Academic  Purposes  (EAP) certificate with a full degree package.
  2. You must support all of the  policies and laws of UNR related to student conduct, including however not restricting:
  1. The Code of Conduct made for the UNE Residential College
  2. Terms & Regulations created for the UNE Accommodation pact
  3. UNE Misconduct Rules of Student Behavioural
  4. The UNE Armidale Accommodation Scholarships’s worth is given as a fee renunciation (i.e. you don’t need to pay the scholarship value in cash as the authority won’t charge you for it).
  5. The accommodation system is only for individual residents. Couples and families are not allowed in our  UNE Residential System.

Deadline of Application

Application procession is presently ongoing on

For getting more information and to apply for this scholarship please visit here:

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