how to sell photos online and make money

How To Sell Photos Online And Make Money

Many people nowadays want to make money by selling their pictures online? Let’s see how to sell photos online and make money?

More than 48% of the world’s population is using a smartphone. Even the same number of people are now constantly connected to the Internet. So almost everyone is using the Internet now.

Since everyone is using the internet, it has made communication easier than ever before. However the whole world has created an archetype of uniting and exchanging information.

The Internet is not limited to just sharing for photographers around the world. Rather it is now offering the opportunity to make money by selling pictures online. The same goes for tools like WordPress, which now has 42.5% power over all websites. This allows you to easily create your own photography website. You can even start selling your photos online later

In the table below you can sell your photo shots in those places. So you want to make money by selling photos. So first of all you should see which site will be best for you. Let’s take a look at those sites and review their commissions.

Website Commission% Review:

  • Adobe stock 33%
  • Shutterstock 15-40%
  • 500PX 60%
  • Fop 50%
  • Almi 40-50%
  • iStock Photos 15-45%
  • Stocky 50-75%
  • Getty Images 15-20%

How To Sell Photos Online And Make Money

1. Adobe stock

This is a great way to earn money by selling your pictures online with Adobe Stock. So this has gained the reputation of being the creator of the most popular photo editing software on the Adobe Stock market. Also, you can easily make any photos uploaded to Marketplace accessible to other Adobe products.

This will help increase the visibility of your work. So it is immediately accessible from their Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom or Illustrator software.

It’s incredible the freedom you get when you start selling stock photos on Adobe Stock.

The funny thing is, you can sell the same fot elsewhere. Because for Adobe Stock you don’t need to give them exclusive sales rights However, above all it will give a profit of up to 33%.

If you think you like photography the most, don’t hold back. You can join all these sites to turn your passion into profit.

But don’t delay, join Adobe Stock today. And sell your pictures online there. Adobe Stock – The best way to turn your passion into profit. As you might expect, setting up an account as an Adobe Stock contributor is as easy as creating a new one and logging in with this existing Adobe ID.

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There is a difficulty in joining the Adobe Stock Network as a contributor. That you knew as a photographer, you had to work as a competitor there. However, you just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. And it takes a lot of hard work to get people to pay attention to this work.

Adobe Stock Advantage

– Adobe has a great reputation in the media industry, so you can bring yourself in good hands.
– You can get great support from their team if you need any benefits.
– The plugin works to be used faithfully by professionals.

Adobe stock trouble

– Since the number of photographers is increasing day by day. So there is a lot of competition. And these are increasing your business competitors.
– Cannot submit any audio-only.

2. Shutterstock: how to sell photos online and make money

how to sell photos online and make money (1)

Shutterstock has worked for the survival of photographers for over 15 years. And you can call it the most popular stock photography website. Similarly they only have music tracks, videos with millions of pictures. And most importantly, there are millions of buyers And one study found that consumer demand is growing by the day.

According to their website, they have already paid more than $ 600 million for their contributors. Similarly this means that, as a creator, you will be able to start selling your pictures in the Shutterstock Marketplace in the long run. Then you can easily make a significant amount of money.

On top of that, Shutterstock lets you easily retain the copyright to your images. That is, it cannot be stolen unless it is bought with money. All in all you will get some control here. In addition they provide credit to photo owners. And that can be a huge advantage.

This web site pays customers at the end of each month based on how many times they have downloaded your content. However a contributor can earn anywhere between 15-40%.

In some cases it has been noticed that the industry in which shutterstock is well known is not necessarily a good thing. So these stock photography sites are quite popular which has made them infamous for new or first stage aspiring photographers to actually make some money more difficult.

It will definitely still be worth trying because publishing your work in the Shutterstock Marketplace. Selling them then will not limit you to selling them exclusively through their network.

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