Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

In the year 2021, Commonwealth Shared Scholarships will be available at LSHTM in the United Kingdom

In 2021, ‘MSc Public Health for Eye Care’ offers Commonwealth Shared Scholarships in the UK by LSHTM.

Commonwealth-inspired individuals and shared scholarships at LSHTM are designed. To equip talented individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary for long-term success. However, the main goal of the Scholarship Award Scheme is to meet the development needs of low-income Commonwealth countries by providing trained and skilled professionals and educators. And those who would otherwise not be able to study in the UK (for those who have access to education).

At present, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) offers nine scholarships under its CSSS ‘Strengthening Health Systems and Capacity. The UK Government has even promised to co-sponsor this Commonwealth Shared Scholarship at LSHTM, including the LSHTM in the MSc Public Health for Eye Care program.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarships at LSHTM Price:

Each scholarship carries the following costs:

The MSc Public Health of Eye Care is charged at the rate of the cost of the international charge.

Monthly maintenance allowance of GBP 1,330.00
Warm clothing stipend of GBP 421.00
Thesis award of GBP 225.00
GBP 200.00 Grant for a research trip.

The CSCU must return the applicant from the candidate’s home country at the end of the award and approve the flight to the UK.

Even visa fees and associated costs (including TB test fees and UK visa and immigration requirements).
Allows paying extra luggage allowance on the way home.

It would be best if you met the following criteria to be considered for a Commonwealth Shared Scholarship at this LSHTM:

A British-protected person or any eligible Commonwealth citizen has been granted refugee status. But he will continue to be a constant and unwavering resident of a Commonwealth country.

In the UK 2021-22 academic year (September 2021), you must arrive on time to start your educational program. By October 2021, you must have a lower second class degree associated with a certain completion and a first degree with a minimum higher second class (2: 1).

On the other hand, you are already fluent in English. In that case, they will tell you about the spiritual program, as well as the time of application, and you must meet the school’s English language proficiency criteria (and do your best). Similarly, in this high-income country, there is no way not to go to school in at least one academic session. However, not having a job in a developed country for a year has cost them dearly. However, confirm in writing (via the CSCUK application) to return to their home country within one month of the end of their scholarship.

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When and how to register for LSHTM for Commonwealth Shared Scholarship:

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

There is not much to worry about here because there are two steps in the application process that can be completed quickly. Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements and then be considered for this assistance. And assemble all the application process given by following the scholarship award application deadline of Friday, April 9, 2021, at 16:00 (BST).

Then complete the application form for MSc Public Health for Eye Care program in 2021-22 and then submit it.
Now go to the official website of CSCUK and offer a complete CSSS grant application there.
Search online to find out about CSS.

General information:

According to an LSHTM, applicants will be able to examine all applications (for research and rewards) as soon as possible. However, D must consider all the conditions described in the Declaration and Guidelines. And you will need to meet the deadline for this Commonwealth Shared Scholarship.

Applicants must comply with the requirements of the CSC Scholarship Award and the terms of the LSHTM Scholarship Award Agreement when submitting to this fund. By the end of July 2021, all candidates were informed of the results of their scholarship award submission. Whenever you need MSc Public Health guidance on eye care and for the application. So then send an email to Romulo Fabunan at [email protected].

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Last day to apply:

Applications must be submitted by April 9, 2021 at 16.00 (GMT).

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