Humboldt Research Fellowship

The Humboldt Research Fellowship will be presented in Germany

In 2021, the Humboldt Research Fellowship will be presented in Germany:

The idea is that throughout this 2021/22 academic year, Alexander von Humboldt invites skilled researchers to submit applications for the Ambolt Fellowship Foundation and the program Postdox.

Even this Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Humboldt became known worldwide as an outstanding scholar only through his Research Fellowship program. However, as a recipient of this scholarship, you can take advantage of the Humboldt Foundation’s personalized support and various support programs.

It has recently been noticed that the Humboldt Research Fellowship Program is always working to help. So if you want, you can study your research at different stages of your career by partnering with the hosts of the German Research University of your choice. Because they gave this opportunity. So hosts can look at options to apply for a research grant,

Cost of Humboldt Research Fellowship:

For Postdox:

If you are thinking of starting your research career, keep reading. Here you can join the Humboldt Research Fellowship Program for Postdox by maximizing the experimental funds available only in Germany. This means that you can prove yourself to complete your research studies in Germany

Monthly stipend 2,670. It can be used for 6 to 24 months.

For experienced scientists:

Even when you are looking for significant improvement in your academic life. And it may be that if you improve your life, then you can get the funds to study in Germany. However, you can continue your research in Germany through the Humboldt Research Fellowship Program for Veteran Scientists now (good luck to you).

The monthly stipend is thought to be € 3,170. And they can divide it through three positions within three years of registering for 6 to 18 months. So in contrast to the number of these rewards, you can get personal support across your fund (subject but I like it a lot). However letters can even get a lot of flexibility in determining when your scholarship award will start (I think the subject matter is great). You and your partner can first participate in an intensive language program before you get your study scholarship (the opportunity is perfect).

Similarly, you can get this extra financial support in cases such as a companion, travel stipend, family stipend for children, etc.

Eligibility for Humboldt Research Fellowship:

The global Humboldt Research Fellowship Program is open to everyone so anyone can do a PhD. And highly qualified scholars so that they do it regardless of their field of study.

To consider Humboldt for a research fellowship, you must meet the following criteria:

You may think that I am not a German citizen. Don’t be afraid to apply here to complete your bachelor’s degree and PhD. Or your schooling and university degree in Germany, the main priority of your life and work will be the opportunity to stay abroad for more than ten years. So submit the appropriate application and you must have spent more than six months in Germany in the previous 18 months (it would be wise to make sure).

Suppose you recently came to Germany. In that case it would be wise to apply as soon as possible. However, once you apply for formal recognition, it will be determined as soon as it is received. Then stay tuned if this is one of your choices. In that case a researcher from this German Institute of Science is ready to help you with a wide range of expert opinions about your study and supervision and written checks.

You have the option of providing two reference documents and let us introduce them.

Postdox: Research Mentor, as well as another investigator, and your credentials, especially from outside your institute. Present the above lines to provide reasonable details about your PhD.

Experienced Scientist: Ideally, these reports should be from outside your home country. Or it may come through major collaborating partners in your own country as well as other academic institutions.

Natural and engineering sciences:

If you have a good command of German or English. Although the truth remains, I think it will be much easier for you. However, then you will need a good knowledge of the German language in the required fields. This is for the real completion of your studies in humanities, social sciences etc. Similarly, strong English language skills are required to be sufficient.

They always believe that you are following the rules of good scientific practice (PDF). And the ethical principles of scientific ethics and will continue to do so in the days to come.

Suppose you received initial funding from the Humboldt Foundation, in which case you would move away from the eligibility issue for the Humboldt Research Fellowship Program (but the point is a lot of fun). Therefore, I wish you all the best in participating in their alumni program.

Who can apply?

Humboldt Research Fellowship

Researchers who

  • Do not work and do not live in Germany
  • Completed 12 years (Experienced Researcher) or less than 4 years doctorate or comparative academic qualification (Postdox)
  • They already have their own research profiles documented by an extensive list of peer-reviewed academic publications in accordance with international standards (experienced researchers). Or it may be that it has received peer-reviewed academic publications by international standards (Postdox).
  • Several years of independent research (experienced researchers)
  • Have good knowledge of German or English language

More requirements

Applicants must present a confirmation that research benefits are available, as well as a consulting agreement and detailed expert statement by the academic host of a research institution in Germany.

Type and scope of funding

6 2,650 per month for fellowship (postdox) or 1 3,150 per month (experienced researcher) plus language courses, travel expenses, extended alumni sponsorship, family allowance and allowance for research expenses (for host organization).


6 to 18 months (experienced researcher), becoming an experienced researcher leads them to 6 to 24 months (postdox). And for those veterans the fellowship will split into a maximum of 3 blocks in 3 years.


You can submit online application at any time. Similarly you can get the online application form on the website of the program (find the link on their site).

When or how to apply for a Humboldt Research Fellowship:

If you would like to follow the Humboldt Research Fellowship Program, please upload and submit the appropriate credentials on the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s website.

Once you have sent your application, you will receive a written confirmation from them via email. If you are included there, they will notify you of the expected election date after reviewing your credentials.

Deadline: Humboldt Research Fellowship

The committee appointed for your application meets every July or March and November. And send your submitted application with the required qualifications before the submission date.

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