Top Pay Part-Time Work USA International Students

Top Pay Part-Time Work USA International Students

Top pay part-time work USA International Students – Between tuition fees rent, course fees, and other living expenses. We all know how costly it is to go to the university.

The experience of studying as an international student in the USA isn’t any different.

The big ones like choosing which college to go to and the classes you will take must be the top priority in the event of a study abroad plan as should a detailed plan of how you will fund your travel.

Working part-time will not only aid in resolving this issue. However, it’s also an excellent method to meet new people while learning new skills that can increase your professional profile.

Before you begin applying there are some limitations regarding Top pay part-time work in the USA to know about.

Jobs that are part-time for college students: What could you make?

First of all, how much money do you be expecting to make?

The minimum wage in the United States has been set at $7.25 per hour. However, every state has their own wage laws. Even though the minimum wage can be up to $15 an hour in certain states. Also, it may go as low as $7.25 in other states.

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The location you decide to study can be a major factor in the amount you’ll be able to earn.

However, generally, based on the level of your professional experience you could earn anywhere from $7.25 to $10 an hour, at a minimum. the most skilled jobs earning up to $10.

One benefit of jobs on campus is that they usually pay on a whim and often pay more than the minimum wage.

10 Top pay part-time work for International students from the USA

  1. Campus ambassador
  2. Barista
  3. Teacher Assistant
  4. library assistant
  5. Receptionist
  6. Assistant to research study
  7. department assistant
  8. Food run or catering assistant
  9. Assistant to Sales
  10. A peer mentor or tutor

1. Campus ambassador

Campus ambassadors are charged with advertising the university and demonstrating to prospective students the reason to apply. This is an excellent job for anyone who enjoys engaging with people from different backgrounds. Also be a part of them.

You could also be asked to lead an escorted tour of the campus during open days, giving your knowledge and other interesting information about the university.

Average pay: $10.94 per hour

2. Barista

If your school has a cafe on campus it could be the perfect location to work from. In addition to benefiting from discounts (or perhaps free!) coffee, but it’s an ideal place for you to make new friends.

Your days are likely to be hectic and include making cold and hot drinks as well as serving customers. You will also be serving as cashier.

Average salary: $11.59 per hour

3. Teaching assistant

A teaching assistant on campus is required to supervise the classroom and be in close contact with students who have difficulty.

If you have prior experience in this area, you might be able to become an instructor assistant at a higher level teaching classes by yourself and making sure that students’ work is properly marked.

Average pay: $11.85 per hour

4. Assistant librarian

As a librarian assistant, it is a rewarding job ideal for those who wish to pursue studies and work in the USA at the same time. You’ll be in charge of the storage of books, helping patrons locate books and other items and recommending important books.

You’ll also be expected to assist with administrative tasks for librarians, as well as assist in organising any events held in the library during term time.

Average salary:$13.24 per hour

5. Receptionist

The tasks of a receptionist at a university could include office support in general and administration as well as customer service. They also communicate with staff and students via email and telephone.

It’s recommended to inquire with your career service on for a campus-wide search for receptionists with part-time jobs in the larger student unions, departments and other major buildings could all have openings for receptionists.

Average pay:$13.31 per hour

6. Research assistant for study

Research study assistants are one of the highest paid, part-time jobs available to students who are international on campus. The job description will depend on the department you are employed by however, you can you should expect to be involved in a variety of tasks, conduct research, keep lab equipment in good condition and collect findings.

You must demonstrate an excellent ability to organise in order to get the position of a research assistant. In addition having excellent interpersonal skills as well as an enthusiasm for research are also important.

Average pay:$15.48

7. Assistant to the Department

Department assistants are one of the most sought-after jobs on campus available in the USA for international students and you’ll gain a lot of transferable skills to your resume.

The job will involve providing support for administrative and secretarial functions to a department, assisting with departmental issues as well as offering support to teams or specific projects.

If you want to get department assistant jobs, you must be computer proficient, and be competent in teamwork, problem-solving , and communication abilities.

Average pay:$16.44

8. Food runners or catering assistants

Also, if your college has restaurants, cafes, or other dining options which offer meals to eat in and eat-in, you might be able to get the position of front-of-house assistant or a runner.

A job in the hospitality sector is among the most flexible jobs that you could have in terms of hours you work. This is perfect for students from abroad studying or working in the USA.

Average salary: $16.81 per hour

9. Sales assistant

If your institution has a mini market or corner store on campus it is a excellent way to earn money while studying.

Furthermore there are many universities that have stores that sell branded clothes and other merchandise, a excellent source of work for international students.

Average salary: $20.00 per hour

10. Peer mentor or tutor

If you’re not keen on being a teaching assistant however, you’d like to do something similar to coaching or mentoring peers can be an excellent option for international students who are based within the USA.

The job involves assisting classmates with class material, reading, or assignments depending on the need. This is a job that is particularly well-suited to international students which can provide mentees with a different view or method of learning.

Average salary: $21.31 per hour


Finding Top pay part-time work and well-paying work within the USA as an international student

Finding a part-time job while an international college student USA is much easier said than done however, many universities provide a variety of opportunities on campus, such as working on internships or part-time.

Find job opportunities on your university’s website, or call the career service or the student union to get help. You should also join any of the student groups you are currently in on Facebook since opportunities are often advertised on Facebook as well.

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