ZUKOnnect Fellowships

The University of Konstanzy offers ZUKOnnect Fellowships

In 2021, the University of Konstanz in Germany began offering the ZUKOnnect Fellowships:

Zukunftskolleg is making a recent claim “for applicants for ZUKOnnect Fellowships, including Africa, Asia, Latin America.”

This fellowship program serves as the first step in the European and German education system. Moreover encourages doctoral applicants to apply in their final year. ZUKOnnect Fellows can also get jobs from Zukunftskolleg.

ZUKOnnect Fellowships Constance University Qualifications:

You are eligible if you were born and raised on a Latin American, African, or Asian continent.
You have a Ph.D. (Post-doctoral experience not more than two years), or your activities may be in the final year of Ph.D.

You don’t have a specific habit or professorship or anything similar (Venice Legend). Your dissertation may be related to being one of the areas of study at Constance University. So you will need to hire a researcher at Constance University. Someone you want to collaborate with (without the need to contact them ahead of time). Preference is given to those applicants who wish to collaborate with one of the existing Zukunftskolleg Fellows.

Application deadline: February 24, 2021

Eligible race: Countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia:

(In the country) will be taken: Germany
Type: Research, Fellowship

Number of prizes: 4

The ZUKOnnect Fellowships at Constance University offer several benefits:

D. (DAAD Guide).
Zukunftskolleg activities will remain open and grant access to library equipment. Will even provide IT services. Services are available for research support, and after staying at Zukunftskolleg and ZUKOnnect, Fellows expanded their relationship with a digital fellowship program for an additional six months after their research.

Responsibilities of the researchers who are visiting:

Throughout the ZUKOnnect Fellowship, if you want to live in or near Konstanz, it is possible (Konstanz’s Welcome Center University is ready to help you with all aspects of relocating to Konstanz’s institution). During the periodic jar fix session at Zukunftskolleg, you should regularly contribute to the discussion of inter-is.
At other Thai Konstanz universities, you may not be able to contact peers and experts in the relevant departments. However, gives you the opportunity to deliver a seminar or a public lecture;

As a result of the location can refer to any publication and the help of Zukunftskolog. So you write a brief report on your work and achievements (within six months of completing your ZUKOnnect Fellowship).

Rewards Period: Rewards will begin on September 1, 2021, and end on October 1, 2021. On-site endowments will be supplemented by a 12-month ZUKOnnect Fellowship. And which will include a digital fellowship.

How or when to register for a ZUKOnnect Fellowship at Constance University:

ZUKOnnect Fellowships

So, please write in English (all things) and submit your application as a PDF file using their online portal.

A motivational letter contains a brief description of how your research in Zukunfatsklug relates to the research environment of the university and the purpose of your study for the duration of your term. (With two leaves). Try to describe your latest research project in a few words (within three pages, including the bibliography) so that you can have a detailed job and schedule on campus for your studies.

Course Life (CV).

Certificate applicable. (A letter from your Ph.D. The supervisor finished confirming your Ph.D. Then now validate the thesis or Ph.D. certificate) Sign an academic letter of each reviewer’s recommendation. And it must be printed on the official letterhead.

Additional information is available online, as well as a detailed FAQ guide. If possible, call Daniela Cromer at [email protected] or by phone (+ 49 (0) 7531 88–5686). Unless financially permitted here, Zukunftskolleg can seek financial assistance from family members of ZUKOnnect Fellows because they will provide what they have with them mainly during the fellowship program.

2 Submissions By February 2021, they will accept your submission along with all the relevant documents.

For more details, visit the official website.

Suppose you don’t feel comfortable visiting Konstanz’s ZUKOnnect Fellowship University. In that case, many Germans can get the opportunity online.

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