Bosch Pre-Masters Scholarship

The Bosch Pre-Masters Scholarship will be awarded in Germany in 2021

Robert Bosch GmbH in Germany is offering Bosch Pre-Masters Scholarships. The scholarships combine theory and reality, enabling you to work in the business while preparing for your master’s degree. Read the guide Bosch Pre-Masters Scholarship!

Robert Bosch GmbH, headquartered near Esslingen, is a world pioneer in engineering and electronics.

The Bosch Pre-Masters Scholarship program is divided into two parts: practical work in their company and then university research.

While being on the ground at Bosch, you work on tasks relevant to your field of interest, such as production, product creation, or marketing, which would later become the focus of your master’s degree studies.

Based on that, when you begin, this phase can take up to a year. You will be given a general overview of their company and will be required to attend at least one dedicated workshop related to your interests. While getting a thorough understanding of day-to-day and project-based business in your area, you’ll also get a sense of what’s going on in related fields.

And then, move on to your master’s degree program and follow your desired concentration, using your practical experience as a springboard. You can rely on the company’s expert advice on the hands-on side of things during this time as well.

Bosch Pre-Masters Scholarship’s worth:


  • Candidates are encouraged to apply from everywhere in the world. You must have a strong command of the German language and intend to pursue your master’s degree at a German university.
  • U obtained excellent grades in your bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering, Natural Sciences, or Business Administration and intended to pursue a master’s degree.
  • You carry certain personal qualities to the table in addition to your professional expertise:
  1. Pioneering bravery and a willingness to learn.
  2. Aspirations and a goal-oriented mentality.

iii. The desire to work professionally and with a sense of duty.

  1. Initiative and a high degree of dedication are required.
  2. Teamwork and social skills are critical.
  3. A global viewpoint.

vii. Good command of the English language; knowledge of other foreign languages is beneficial.

To qualify for such a Bosch Pre-Masters Grant, follow these steps:

  • Must submit your application using their application form online, which can be found on any Bosch Pre-Masters Scholarship release.
  • You should apply all of your information as a file attachment (references, covering letter, resume, etc.).
  • After such an initial selection based on written applications, applicants would be welcomed to an interview with quite an HR associate as well as the supervisor of the relevant professional department.
  • During the interview process, the candidate will also have the opportunity to meet few other coworkers and get a sense of the working environment.

The Bosch Pre-Masters Scholarship award is split into two parts:

a hands-on study in their facility and preparation for a master’s degree credential. The hands-on part typically lasts twelve months, but it may be shorter in some situations. The duration and start date are determined on a case-by-case basis. The master’s degree program that follows typically lasts 2 years (four semesters). Overall, the Pre-Master Program is expected to last no more than three years.

Applicants from non-European countries have been forced to pay 1,500 euros each semester in Baden-Württemberg and Sachsen since the winter semester of the 2017/2018 academic session.

Application Deadline: The PreMaster Program does not have a filing deadline. Vacant positions are filled on a continuous basis throughout the year.

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